Future Education
Information education
The new generation of educational technology
Mobile learning
Formal and informal learning
Distance education, teaching
Online learning
Intelligent learning environment
Distributed learning environment
CSCL technology
instructional design 
Digital evaluation
Computer mediated communication
Educational multimedia
Blended learning
Electronic learning platforms and tools
Personalized teaching system
Educational Technology System Architecture
Retrieval, Application, Organization, and Management of Learning Resources
Educational Technology System Development Technology
The Model and Architecture of Educational Technology System
Remote learning system
E-learning standards
Artificial Intelligence and Open Learning
Human machine interaction in teaching systems
Educational Knowledge Management Technology
Data Mining, Text mining and Web Mining in Education
Simulation in Learning
Intelligent Tutor System
Multi-agent system
User modeling in e-learning
Knowledge Discovery and Knowledge Engineering
Affective computing in education
Semantic Web and Service Based Architecture
Electronic Performance Support System
Education Software and Hardware
Collaboration and communication software
Educational software
Education Network
Theory of Thought
Psychological Science
Managerial psychology
environmental psychology
Legal Psychology
Sports Psychology
Rehabilitation Psychology
Consumer Psychology
Engineering Psychology
Sports Mental Health
Psychological Health and Counseling
Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Cognitive, Psychological and Behavioural sciences
Other related topics
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  • Conference Date: May 06, 2024
  • Notification Date: About a week after the submission
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